Thursday, March 29, 2007

Reflections on LBS R2 admission statistics

As a follow up to my post about R1 admission figures I decided to post some R2 admission figures and to think about how many places are left for R3 & R4 (please keep in mind that I am not a member of adcom so my suppositions may be completely wrong).
As one of my future classmates pointed out, admits are not be allowed to disclose the actual figures and other information from the portal (I've skipped the agreement first time I logged in, because I wanted to see the portal itself), so I put up some diagrams without any figures.

In R1 and R2 nearly an equal number of people were admitted:If we compare the actual number of people who confirmed their R1 admission (including those from waitlist) with the number of R2 admits, the diagram will change:
So... let's suppose that the yield of R2 will be, say, 60%... and no one from R1 & R2 defers their admission... and the class size will be 320... then the number of places for R3 & R4 applicants will be as following:

By the way, current female rate is 26%.

UPD: Last year figures in Angie's post.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Congratulations to R2 LBS admits!

London Business School issued decisions on the R2 admits yesterday and I would like to say "welcome!" to everyone who is in. Special greatings to Mitokondrion :)
And I hope more LBS blogs & bloggers will appear soon ;)

Congratulations to Natasha who has been admitted to Darden - you've earned that admission, girl! Well done :)

Friday, March 09, 2007

I have a mentor now

London Business School has a practice of assigning mentors to the freshly admitted students.
I've got a letter today (been wondering about who my mentor would be from the mid-January)... and... guess, who is it?

1. She is from the same country (this is a good common practice)
2. She is a blogger
OK-OK you've probably already guessed: this is Genie!